The 28 Day Online Group Challenge

This is where we take weight loss to a whole new level!

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You don't know where to begin. You've tried every possible program out there. You're desperate for something to give but it's not happening. You know you deserve to feel better about yourself but you're stuck in this rut... and you don't know how to change it all.

You know you're not alone, correct? You do know that you're capable of more than you ever thought possible, right? You know that what you perceive to be true about yourself (what that little nagging inner-critic tells you) isn't true, yes? And I KNOW you know that doing something alone isn't NEARLY as motivation, inspiring, or fun as sharing the experience with others... RIGHT?!

Of course you know all that, and then some! That's why you're here. A group weight loss program is your perfect solution, and I'm here to help you the whole entire way through.

This isn't a program that runs on it's own and has you hoping for the best. Nope, not here. Here I am available to you every step of the way for the entire 28 days... and if you're not happy with your results, you can let me know and I will happily refund you your money.

I don't want anyone going through this program and not come out on the other end feeling waaaaaaay more confident, vibrant and fully aware of the shift that had just occurred in your life. Because that shift is going to propel you forward, accomplishing great thing after great thing. This is real deal stuff and it's happened to me and countless others who have gone through this program with me! 

Working together as a team is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you're trying to accomplish any goal. Who wouldn't want the support of so many others who are going through the same experience, hoping once and for all to achieve the changes they desperately want to see in their lives? 

These workouts are 10-15 minutes long and they focus on the whole body. You'll be breaking a sweat in minutes, and feeling so accomplished afterwards.

This 28 day program takes the thinking out of working out so all you have to do is sign up!

What you get:
• Weekly check-in's with me, a real person! We talk about your struggles, your food triggers, and your goals, and we come up with a plan you will begin to implement the moment we get off the phone! (I'm going to hold you to it, and so it the rest of the group!)

• 28 workout videos, each varying in length from 10-15 minutes, delivered directly to your inbox each day

• Weekly motivational emails from me intended to keep you inspired, focused, and accountable

• Access to my Facebook community where we will share our successes, accomplishments and motivation. We will keep each pther lifted and inspired to push ourselves!

• Results that you can't get anywhere else!

Here's a video snippet so you can get a sense of how the workouts will go and what I expect from you!

I run this program only twice a year so sign up TODAY to secure your spot!